How to Make Jollof Rice

Jollof Rice is a very popular West African dish. There has often been debates of it's origination thus sparking the great West African debate, Ghana Jollof vs Nigerian Jollof. 

We won't get into that as you are probably here to learn the dish making process and not to rather than trying to be a U.N peace keeping envoy trying to quench this love rivalry amongst  nations. 

Your belly might be grumbling, so let's get into it.

Prepare your sauce

Prepare your sauce which acts as the base for your Jollof, this is a very crucial part to making Jollof as it's the foundation and  where you either get the flavour right or wrong.

Add to a blender

  • Onions 3-4 

  • Red Capsicum / Bell Peppers 2-3

  • scotch Bonnets according to your palette

  • Tomatoes in tin -3 (chopped, peeled plum or fresh tomatoes 3-4

  • Some garlic

  • Some ginger

Blend together into a smooth paste.

Dice 1 more onion, pour cooking oil (vegetable or sunflower) in to a pan. Allow the oil to heat up before adding your diced onion, let the onion release some of it's flavour, then pour in the contents of the blender in to the hot oil pan. 

Allow to cook, for 10 minutes before seasoning,

  • Add salt to your taste 

  • Add Jumbo Aroma seasoning (All purpose or chicken flavour)

  • Add some hot curry powder ( 1 tea spoon)

Allow to cook until the oil rises up or another 10 minutes, turn down the heat of the fire.

Sliced Onion

Wash your rice

Wash your rice in water to reduce the starch, if using basmati rice just wash rice in cold water a few times and if using Long Grain Rice simply wash in hot or mildly hot water to release some starch from the rice.

Add the rice to the pot of your stew base, stir in the rice and cover. Leave for 15 minutes, check on your rice often to stir and keep from burning. To taste when rice is soft, it's ready to eat, let it cool off for a few minutes and voila you have made yourself the Famous West African Jollof Rice.




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