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About Us

Although we might be far away from our Root home

we can feel connected to our ancestral cultures through the comfort of  food. Naturally we must eat geographically oriented, nature is very smart that it grows nourishment’s according to the ethnic types of it’s inhabitant’s. It’s foods are seasonal as it is telling us to change our diet by opting for when and what to grow.
Our mission is to help our community to ascertain these blessings of nature at a more affordable cost so that we can thrive to the best of our ability.
We believe that food is medicine, our ancestors have always created many remedies through various concoction emanated from the soil.

Through generations many beautiful recipes have been passed down

It is indeed our absolute right to be able to enjoy these dishes regardless of how far away from home we are, without having to pinch our pockets or grasping our chest before or after engaging in the act of feeding our souls, which would quickly rob us of the joys of tasting these dishes.
So we work as hard as we have to so that we can get these produce to the diaspora at a very affordable price. 


Fresh off the Boat is an African groceries

Online delivery service and Caribbean groceries online delivery service, founded and established in 2019 as a result of living in a part of London where the closest shop charged so much more than other shops a few miles away.Though an inconvenience the best option was to travel a few miles for better prices therefore eviscerating the convenience of a convenience local shop. So we started operating back then at a smaller scale serving consumers with similar price problems through a Whatsapp network. Through research we discovered that we could serve a larger part of the community and thus began our expansion programme.

We aim to be an afro Caribbean grocery store near me for everyone (online) no matter where you might be in the UK.

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